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    • น้องสิรภพ ปั้นมณี รุ่นที่ 17 กับเรื่องเล่าที่ประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา

    น้องสิรภพ ปั้นมณี รุ่นที่ 17 กับเรื่องเล่าที่ประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา

    Coming to the United States made me grow as a better person, I learned how to solve problems and becoming an adult, this experience improved my language and especially how I look at life at a different angle.


    Firstly, I lived in Adrian, MO, United States, and stayed with Dorothy Wiseman and Jimmy Wiseman as my Host Parents, I live about 7 miles from school. I lived on a farm and I’ve been to the art museum up in Kansas City, then down to Lambert’s Café which is their iconic restaurant. Every morning there’s going to be a school bus coming to pick me up at 6 o’clock. School life here compare to the one back home is way easier, students can choose their activities like sports and their subject freely. I registered a talent show hosted by the school and won the 3rd place. I stayed at with Dorothy and Jimmy for about 4 months, because of their health problems in the family.

    Secondly, I moved in with Chris Sams, Becky Sams as my Host Parents and Lauren Sams and Cooper Sams as my Host Siblings, school is super close to my house and Lauren would take me and Cooper to school every day. I was a basketball team manager at the school, I would attend games and record them for both the girls and the boys team for their coaches to point out mistakes and improve the team to be better and better. Chris is a pastor at Adrian United Methodist Church and Passaic United Methodist Church and we’ll attend every Sunday. Chris had a crazy ideas of building a gym in town, me and my host family helped build the gym and it was a success.

    Thirdly, I joined spring sports, which is both Track and Baseball, we would practice track and baseball afterschool. But for me I have to go to track practice first and then leave early to go to baseball practice it was fun and interesting to learn something new while it lasted. We went on a trip to Florida, the trip was interesting and really amazing.


    This journey of mine was amazing and I was not looking forward to leave this early I didn’t get to do track and baseball and didn’t go to prom, I want to say thank you to both of my Host families, Teachers, Friends, People I’ve met during this time. And I hope to see everybody again!